ghost shrimp in aquarium

Over thanksgiving weekend, Rex and Cinderella were treated with some live ghost shrimp. Needless to say they loved them and gobbled them up almost immediately. One of them survived a few days and I even got to see it molt (change skin, shed like a snake). Needless to say, I will try to raise some of them next year.

Anyway, a few days after Rex ate the Chinese Algae Eater, he ate one goldfish. Then a few days after that, he killed one snail, but didn’t eat it. It really stunk when I fished it out of the tank. A few days later, he ate the last goldfish, then ate another snail. This one didn’t smell, as he ate all of it, all the meat, and left only the shell behind. I can only imagine him sucking the snail off its shell….

Poor animals. But hey, in my mind they were all feeders… I’m glad the feeder goldfish are gone, after almost three months. They made too much waste and just added to the bio-load of an already way too undersized turtle tank.

*photo by Quan Nguyen, cropped | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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