Me and my wife went to the New York Turtle & Tortoise Society (NYTTS) Annual Show last weekend. This show is different from various reptile shows as no turtles were bought and sold, and is comprised of turtle owners showing off their turtles.

There wasn’t as much variety of species or as many turtles as I was expecting to see. Tortoises and land turtles greatly outnumbered aquatic turtles. The most common specie in the show was the chinese box turtle, which is actually a pretty hard specie to find and purchase. Me and my wife fell in love with them and, space allowing, we would love to get one or two of them.

The highlight of the show was a grown (though not fully grown) sulcata and red foot tortoise freely roaming the grounds.

Over all, I enjoyed the show. Heck, I have fun anywhere I get to see turtles!!!

Anyway, here’s some photos of a four eyed turtle (an endangered specie) from the show.

I’ll share more photos and some video I took from the show in the coming weeks.

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Four eyed turtle page at the Asian Turtle Conservation Network
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