I’ve been really wanting to give the turtles some live food, as I really want to replicate their natural diet in the wild. And I wanted to start with feeder fish, although they’re really a small part of their natural diet.

Based on online research and browsing through the forums, I settled on feeder guppies as a first choice, then feeder rosies. The three stores I went to didn’t have feeder guppies, only feeder goldfish. The third and last pet shop I went to only had feeder goldfish and one rosy left. So I bought the one rosy and three goldfish. Goldfish aren’t a good choice for turts since they are fatty and have a spiny fin (or something). But I wanted them to have a taste of live food, so I got them anyway.

I wanted to wait for AG to come home before I placed the fish in the turtle tank, so I placed them in a bowl next to the turt tank. Y’know how in some shows or movies, when there’s a cute girl and the boys keep spying on her? That’s how the turtles were acting!! They kept watching and looking at them. At one point, they were even stacked on each other while watching them.

When AG came home, we placed the 4 fish in the tank. The fish started exploring the tank and the curious turtles went after them. They swam too fast for the turtles to catch, but several times we saw them sneak up on them and take some good bites out of their tail fins. LOL!!! The fish are pretty big compared to the turts, they’re still hatchlings.

Night came, then morning, then the turtles feeding time. They ate their commercial turtle food as usual. I watched them a bit, then left them. The 4 fish were still there.

Sometime after noon I went to watch the turtles again. I was counting the fish and counted only 3. I couldn’t believe it, they ate one goldfish!! There was fish scales all over the aquarium floor and no other remains. They ate it up!!

It’s now noon the day after, they haven’t eaten any other fish. I wonder how long until they eat another fish and finish them all…They can take their time though, the fish are helping eat algae and poop, although the goldfish make a lot of poop themselves.

The next feeders I’ll give them will be snails, then crickets, then worms. Yum!!

Here are some pix of the feeder fish:

A blurry pic of the fish with the turtles. The aquarium is doing the mirror effect thing, you see two goldfish and one rosy.

Another pic, clearer this time.


  1. i had two turtules just like yours i had to get rid of them sadly because i needed a bigger tank for them and it cost $600.00 i gave them to my moms freind because he has a 70 gallon tank that i needed the turtles are still doing well i see them once every month.


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