Just posted this in the Turtle Times forums…just thought I’d share it here too:

first off, some pix of my turtles tank with the holiday (Christmas trees) background on…

Me and my girlfriend went to a place that was doing calligraphy of peoples names in Chinese for free in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Rather than having our names done like normal people would, we had our turtles’ names done. This is Cinderella:
img src=”http://lh3.google.com/bstuffetcblog/R7UilCHJScI/AAAAAAAAARw/SQyp8M-yTCE/s800/080210-06.JPG” width=”100%”/>

…and this is Rex:

…and their tank with their Chinese names as decoration



I know the tank they are sharing is way too small for them and I’m tired of doing 100% water changes all the time..so we bought them a ginormously humongous 150 gallon tank…

…but it’s too big and really overwhelms our small living room. We’re trying to switch it to a smaller more manageable tank that should be big enough for them for a few years

And a pic of a snail riding a napping Cinderella. The turtles have killed several other snails, but this one is a survivor. It has really learned to protect itself from two very friendly, biting turtles

Hope you enjoyed the pix!!

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