Every couple of weeks, at most once a month, I like to give my pet turtles a treat – freeze dried crickets! It’s a treat for me too since I get to feed my turtles by hand.

my pet turtles like them!

When you watch the video, even though they don’t always notice me holding the crickets right away, you can tell that the turtles really like eating them. Especially the part where Rex is all excited for a piece, at the 1:01 mark – he starts swimming & splashing all animated and such just cause he sees the cricket. “I want one now!!” he’s probably thinking.

The crickets I have are Flukers freeze-dried crickets. They’re dry and aren’t moist or slimy and thus aren’t gross to hold. All the feeder cricket legs have been removed so they don’t seem so insect-like, although there are a good number of legs in with the crickets. Overall, it’s a great buy, my turtle love them, and they’re only five bucks!

Anyway, here’s a video of one such feeding. Sometimes I drop the crickets, sometimes they bite me instead – but the bites don’t hurt since the pet turtles are aiming for the crickets, not my fingers. Enjoy the video!

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