Ahhh, father’s day. What to get a gift for the day to honor this man in your life (if you are blessed to have one, as they are getting harder to find these days). Not all men want to go all out with saying ‘TURTLES!!’ and most would want to be more sutle, making the ideal gift a bit harder to think of. And so, with that in mind, here are our suggestions for a turtle themed father’s day gifts

(All the images shown below are for products found in Amazon.com, although all the items are easily found in your local mall and retail stores).

Turtle Keychains

These work for me, I think I have two of them. Turtle keychains I believe are perfect father’s day gifts. Small enough, sutle enough, definitely says turtles! Turtle keychains or keyrings come in many colors and flavors, see some more here.

Lego Ninja Turtle Keychain

What better way to touch on three likely soft spots with one gift: ninja turtles, Lego, and turtles! The ninja turtle part is made of real genuine lego pieces that have been fused together so that the individual parts cannot be pulled apart. There are four turtles in total, get the father in your life his favorite turtle or get the complete set. See them here: ninja turtle keychains.

Turtle USB flash drive

Cool USB flash drives always win in my book. Small enough to be very portable, large enough to hold a good amount of files, shell-y enough to look like a turtle. See more turtle flash drives.

Turtle Aprons

For the chef or barbecue master! A big variety feature turtles prominently. Although men wearing aprons while barbecuing or in the kitchen seem to only appear on tv shows or commercials, maybe the father you’d like to gift does use one (or will!). More turtle aprons.

Turtle Documentaries

Fathers love nature documentaries. Turtle fans love turtle nature documentaries even more. This gift idea feels like a sure win. Find more turtle documentaries.

Turtle Skeletons

Not for everyone, but hey, seeing turtle bones in a museum is pretty cool, so why not at home? These feature real turtle bones that have been cleaned and mounted professionally and come in a nice display case. See more turtle skeletons.

Turtle Greeting Cards

Most times the best way to show love and appreciation towards a father is to simply say it. So say it with a turtle-themed greeting card!! Greeting cards work particularly well when given by a child to their father. Find lots of other turtle greeting cards here.

*photo by Victor | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0