Cinderella is my female red eared slider turtle. I got her the same time I got Rex. I share more pictures of Rex though, because he’s the more outgoing turtle. They are really quite polar opposites.

Cinderella is very shy. She’s almost always hiding or hanging out in the back corners of the aquarium. She’s extremely shy with her basking and jumps into the water at the slightest noise or movement, while Rex tolerates noises and will let you come close. She doesn’t swim as well or as gracefully as Rex. She eats slower, is picky with food and doesn’t always finish all her food. Weeks after I give her anacharis, there’s usually going to be some still left. She’s not as good at hunting live food either. She’s also always been a little smaller than Rex, even though they’re fed the same amount of food. When I kept the two turtles together, she was meaner and would push Rex out of her way or try to bite him. Now that they’re separated, she tries to bite Rex every now and then when he sticks his head through the eggcrate divider.

Now, I’m not complaining or anything, I’m just sharing about their different personalities and temperaments. I love Cinderella just as much as Rex. I even gave away a cichlid because it was always picking on her.

Anyway, because she’s the shy one, I don’t have as many pictures of her. But, here’s a few that I rook recently…enjoy!

Cinderella was begging for food at this time, which is why she was up at the front of the tank. It was the night before the turtles’ feeding day.

Here’s another pic. I always liked her skin color more as it shows off her patterns better. It has better contrast between the dark and light parts. Also, when she was a hatchling, the patterns on her plastron (bottom part of shell) were just round circles. I didn’t like it as much as it was plain-looking. Now that she’s not a hatchling anymore and her plastron pattern is maturing/changing, I like it much better. In an old post you can see here , I took photos of the turtles plastrons and you can see how it has changed from then and now.

And finally a close-up shot of Cinderella. This is the closest and clearest picture I have of Cinderella. She is such a pretty girl isn’t she?


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