In case you didn’t know it (and now you do), turtles love Christmas!

Here’s a random collection of Holiday celebrating turtles (pets and other kinds of turtles) from around the web.

Up first, turtles singing Christmas songs from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christmas Musical…

Deck The Halls

Wrap Rap

Splinter’s 12 Days of Christmas

Now, here’s a piece of fiction (a short story) titled “A Very Merry Turtle Christmas”

Here’s an excerpt:

Daddy turtle told the hatchlings that it was something called Christmas. That was why the world outside the tank had gone all red and green and silvery, with lots of bright and shiny things, and why there was a bigbig green thing in one corner near the tank.

Read the entire story here: A Very Merry Turtle Christmas

From the crafts side of the world, here’s the TMCT (Teenage Mutant Christmas Turtle):

Teenage Mutant Christmas Turtle

Read more about the TMCT here: TMCT in the house…..

From the photo-choppers and props-people of the web, here’s a variety of Santa Turtle pictures from throughout the web:

Santa Sea Turtle

Santa pet turtle sliders

santa sea turtle

There’s also a variety of Santa swimming with turtles photos, such as this one from Christmas Photos From Around The World:

Santa with sea turtle

Hope you enjoyed and do have yourself a very merry, turtle-y Christmas!!

P.S. Let me know if any of these are your works so I can attribute it to you. Couldn’t determine who made all of them.