One of the highlights (for me) of the NYTTS (New York Turtle and Tortoise Society) Annual Show is seeing the many Chinese Box Turtles that always make it into every show each year. If I had more room in my place, Chinese boxies would be the first pet turtle specie I would consider getting.

Chinese box turtles are comparatively easy to care for. They don’t need filtration, they don’t exactly bask although they do need humidity. Unlike sliders, Chinese boxies are very outgoing and are not shy.

Here’s a video I put together from the show. The pet Chinese box turtles are very cute, you can see some of them dig into their substrate and peek out from it.

Note: never forget to clean your hands properly after handling any turtle (or any reptile for that matter). That’s why I refused the offer to hold one of the turtles in the video – I had no way to clean my hands.