The two smaller Chinese Algae Eaters (CAE) disappeared. I was very surprised to discovery this. Based on all the research I did, including this page in Austin’s Turtle Page (a really great resource for turtles) I really expected them to last a real long time in the turtle tank.

CAE’s are good for community tanks when they are young, but they turn territorial when much older. Young CAEs are priced much higher than the medium or larger (older) CAEs. Being price wary, the CAEs I got were medium ones, but one of them was bigger than the others. Figured they wouldn’t be territorial yet and would take a while before they do. Lately, I’ve seen it acting territorial – chasing the feeder goldfish away or trying to suck on them when they get close. I’m guessing it got territorial on the two smaller CAEs and attacked & injured them – then the turtles got the chance to eat them.

Oh well, guess the tank was just too small for the CAE’s. I’ll just get more when I get a bigger tank.