New York City’s Central Park’s ponds and lakes are still the top turtle sightseeing destinations in New York. Just about every body of water in the massive park have aquatic turtles in them – unfortunately, most of them are released pet turtles or are the descendants of former pets.

The three most common aquatic turtle species in Central park are:

  • red ear slider turtles
  • eastern painted turtles
  • common snapping turtles

During a recent trip to the park, turtles galore were out basking and soaking up the warm summer sun. At The Lake, in particular, red ear slider turtles came out in force accompanied by eastern painted turtles. Fortunately, I had some battery power left in my handy digital camera and was able to take some nice turtle pictures.

And so, here they are. Enjoy!!

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  1. hi,this website is awesome !
    i need some advise here .
    my little turtle is showing symptoms of eye problem .
    the symptoms are not so obvious yet .
    at the corner of his eyes are a little bit red and the inner eyelid cannot open completely like usual .
    i’ve seen these symptoms before as my previous turtles experienced it and little of them survive .
    i know i should bring it to the vet .
    i think the main reason is he doesnt like to eat his pallets . so maybe its lack of vitamin A .
    anything i can do besides bringing him to the vet ?
    can i blend some carrot juice and pour it into his tank ?
    the last time i bring my previous turtle (with the same symptoms and he died few months later) to the vet,the vet told me to force him eat which is forcing him to open his mouth.
    i dont want that to happen again as this will make my turtle suffer.
    so will that carrot idea works?

    1. You should definitely take your pet turtle to the vet!! Do not pour carrot juice into your turtle tank, it just ruins water quality and reduces the living conditions for your turtle.

      Eye problems can be caused by a variety of problems, such as poor living conditions, diet, bacteria, etc.

      More than usual, many health problems can be fixed with fixing the pet turtle’s living conditions. How big is your turtle tank, how much water does it have? How is filtration? Is there a proper completely dry basking area with heat available? What happens after a water change?

      Vitamin A drops can be used on the eyes directly, but will not help if there are larger issues existing.

  2. may i know you are from which country?
    if we are from different country so i think the conditions needed by our turtles are different too .
    the tank is quiet small for them .
    he’s goin to be one year old but he seems a little too small..i dont know what is the normal size for a one year old turtle
    i use those plastic tank that can be easily found in the pet stores as we cannot afford such a big tank(those big aqurium type)
    i change their water everyday .
    i just put a litte water inside , only 1/4 of their body is covered by the water , and i put some stones as their basking area .
    he dont really like to eat his pallets , everytime i feed them only the other turtle eats .very seldom i saw him eating . he just like to stay on the stones and day dream.
    where can ibuy the vitamin A drops?

    1. what is more important is what kind of turtle you have. Do you know what kind of pet turtle you have?

      If your pet turtle is an aquatic turtle, the conditions he is in is clearly not enough. The environment is essential in making a healthy turtle – turtles are used to certain conditions and when they are not met it leads to turtles being sick, lethargic, etc..and death. Using vitamin A drops will not help if the turtle habitat is not fixed.

      I’m assuming you have a red ear slider turtle because it is the most common type of pet turtle. Please see the following guides for proper pet turtle care:
      red ear slider turtle caresheet
      turtle care
      RES habitat
      If you have another kind of pet turtle, please Google the proper care sheets for your pet.

  3. yes . mine is a red ear slider .i have another one that is a land tortoise(i dont know whether its a turtle or tortoise) . i cant find the same type of tortoise in google .he’s actually a wild tortoise , my dad found him wondering in front of our house .
    i’ll try to upload the photo .
    by the way , thank you so much for the advise .
    i appreciate it .

  4. oh one more thing
    why there’s always a black colour thing coming out from one of my turtle’s anus ?
    is it a reproductive organ or something else ?

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