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If you’re looking to purchase a pet turtle or pet reptile online, it is best to prepare for your new pet reptile ahead of time! Live animals are always sent through the United States Postal Service, and the post office will typically call you when your pet reptile arrives. Online reptiles stores like ReptilePad.com offer offered reptiles for sale that can be safely shipped via USPS to anywhere in the United States.

After purchasing a reptile online, it is important to make sure that you have the proper setup for them as soon as they arrive, because shipping a live reptile is stressful to the animal. As soon as you take your reptile out of the box, it is important to have a long tank or large plastic tub large enough to house your new pet reptile.

Shipping Pet Turtles

Whenever a pet turtle is shipped, it is essential that the box meets the following requirements:

  1. There must be air holes in the box for the turtle to breathe
  2. Sender must include a heating pad if it is during the winter time (although turtles should never be sent when the weather is freezing!)
  3. The turtle should be placed on a soft surface within the box. This allows for cushioning and helps to ensure that your pet turtle arrives safely!
  4. The box should ALWAYS be marked “This end up” and “Very fragile” to let USPS know to be extremely careful with your package
  5. Make sure to customize your package to the type of turtle you are sending: If you are shipping an aquatic turtle, a wet paper towel must be included in the container to keep the package moist. For larger turtles like the Sulcata tortoise, you may have to use a freight carrier service and the turtle may have to be shipped in a crate

Shipping Live Lizards

Lizards can be shipped relatively easily, placed inside a box with breathing holes and a comfortable surface. It is important that lizards are shipped only when the weather is less than 95 degrees and higher than 55 degrees Fahrenheit. A lizard should always be shipped with a heat pack, and the heat pack should be separated from the lizard by packing material to ensure that the heat pack does not come into direct contact with your pet lizard. Lizards can be sent via UPS and FedEx, and if they are purchased from ReptilePad.com, their journey to your home will be covered by a safe arrival guarantee.

Pet Turtles

A pet turtle can make an excellent pet! If you purchase a pet turtle, make sure to initially provide at least a 20 gallon tank. Please be sure to properly research and prepare for the proper care, habitat, and food for the specific specie of turtle that you are purchasing.

Pet Lizards

Lizards also make excellent pets. A full grown bearded dragon will require at least a 60 gallon tank, while smaller lizards may require less space. All lizards will require proper ventilation as well as temperature control. One end of the enclosure should be set to 100 degrees, while the other end should be set at 80 degrees. Lizards should have access to shallow water as well as shaded areas within their enclosures. If you have a pet lizard, most will survive on a diet of crickets, mealworms, and vegetables, such as romaine lettuce, zuchinni, and carrots. Additionally, most lizards can eat fruit as well, such as bannanas and mango. This will help to ensure they obtain a sufficient amount of vitamins. As with pet turtles, it is important to properly research and prepare for the proper care, habitat, and food for the specific specie of lizard that you are purchasing.

Also, always wash your hands with soap and water before and after handling your pet turtle or lizard.

This article was written and provided by Reptile Pad, which carries used to carry a variety of pet turtles and bearded dragons for sale.

*photo by lobstar28 | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0