After looking through and reviewing several commercially available (you can buy them from a store or online) pet turtle basking platforms, including:

…It was found that all of them are inadequate for the entire lifetime of a pet turtle. The conclusion reached after researching and reviewing all those products is that the best pet turtle basking platform is a turtle basking area that is custom: one that you make yourself (DIY). That way it is specific to your needs and preferences, and you can make a turtle basking platform for large turtles.

You can design your diy turtle dock it so that:

  • it fits the full size of your fully-grown pet turtle/s
  • it stays afloat when your turtle uses it
  • you can choose what materials it is made of
  • you select exactly how it will look
  • you can repair or replace it easily with minimum cost

And so, by way of example here is a sampling of custom-made pet turtle basking platforms so you can get some ideas for your own custom turtle tank:

Pet turtle blogger XOXO Azfar (read her blog Being as Turtle Mummy) has posted this photo of her turtle tank setup in her blog post Latest picture of my turtles habitat.above tank pet turtle basking area

Squincy shares his pet turtle basking platform in this forum post in Tropical Fish
diy pet turtle basking platform dock

1 Low Turtle shares photos of his common musk turtle basking setup (and others as well) in the forum.
common musk turtle basking platform

Several members of the Happy Turtle’s Pub forum shares pictures of their pet turtles’ basking platforms on this discussion: Basking Area Setups.
diy pet turtle tank basking platform
pet turtle corkbark basking area
pet turtle driftwood basking platform
pet turtle rock basking platform
red ear slider turtle on corkbark basking platform

As stated earlier, this is just a small sampling of custom-made pet turtle basking platforms. Both above tank and in the tank varieties are included. You can find many more by looking at pet turtle tank setup pictures, browsing through the various pet turtle forums and also by doing a web image searches through a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo.

Do you have a custom made pet turtle basking platform? tell us about it in the comments or share your pet turtle pictures.


  1. I myself have a turtle and am just having such a hard time making or finding a proper basking platform for her. She is a large turtle weighing 5 pounds and is very long. Most of the store platforms and such she simply can not fit on and just falls off the side of. I have two rocks stacked on top of each other and it will do for now, but I’m looking for something higher up because she likes a lot of water in her tank. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, it would be greatly appreciates.

    1. My turtle will be 11 years old in October and I’m going through hell right now trying to find a proper basking spot. Right now I want to make him a topper platform. I see a whole bunch of pictures I like. Hope you found a great spot for your girl.

  2. I have already tried the cork bark and didn’t really like it, and neither did my turtle. And it also made my tank extremely dirty, turned the water brown. She (my turtle) has a thing for rocks so I’m trying to find something with that. I just have no ideas about what to do.

  3. Hi,
    I’m trying to make a basking dock for my turtle and was just wondering what you used for the ramp in the first picture. You tank layouts are awesome by the way.

    1. these aren’t mine. From the picture above and the photos in the link I provided, it look like plastic eggcrate / light diffuser was used for the pet turtle ramp