Pet Turtles And More reader John shares pictures of his pet turtles, namely:

  • Chompers, an alligator snapping turtle
  • Stimpy, a Ouachita map turtle

Chompers and Stimpy share a beautiful looking pet turtle tank that has various types of feeder fish. One of these days, the alligator snapping turtle – Chompers, will need to be separated from the Ouchita map turtle – Stimpy, for the map turtle’s safety.

alligator snapping turtle and ouachita map pet turtle
Here, “Chompers the AST is chillin’ while Stimpy his Ouachita Map tankmate mugs for Camera time LOL.”

alligator snapping turtle pet
Chompers, the Alligator Snapper Turtle is relaxing on his favorite rock.

See the close-up picture of Chompers up above.

Awesome turtle pictures, John. Thanks for sharing!!

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  1. man that snapping turtle is badass. i also have a Ouachita Map turtle and a RES, but im scared the RES will tear up the small map turtle. how does your 2 get along, i thought al. snappers where one of the most aggressive turtles out there

  2. I have a 2 month old common snapper hatchling, but alligator snappers are soooo beautiful! I found my snapper leaving the nest and walking the wrong way, into the street. As I approached her I was realllyyy hoping she was an alligator snapper.