Found this homemade documentary on Ghost Shrimp.

Ghost shrimp are also known as glass shrimp.

Ghost shrimp are cool. They were the first kind of shrimp I ever got, and they’re awfully cheap. My turtles absolutely loved them!!

Their bodies are different in shape from red cherry shrimp (the kind of shrimp I now have) and their females are much larger too. They grow up to 1.5 inches! When the females get berried, you can clearly see them carrying their green eggs, which is a stark contrast to their clear bodies. They are very entertaining shrimp to watch, especially during feeding time when they swim upside down under the surface to get food.

I would get some more ghost shrimp, but I’m afraid of possibly infecting my clean tanks with parasites that some of the ghost shrimp carry. I’m not saying that all ghost shrimps have parasites, but the one’s from my LFS had some. They were the kind that look like swimming strings – I dunno what they’re called. If there were some anti-parasite treatment that was safe for shrimp, I’d definitely get some.

I was breeding some ghost shrimp in a small 1 gallon container before (back when my 5 gallon housed my turtles). I overfed one time and the resulting bio-load of the additional food on water quality killed them all.

Personally, I like the look of Red Cherry Shrimp more… and I like my dwarf shrimp to stay under one inch. The large females with all their long legs and green (dirty-looking) eggs aren’t as eye pleasing to me. If I got another tank and could get some parasite free ghost shrimp, I would get some and try to breed them – but I’d do that for the benefit of my turtles, so they can have a new addition to their menu of monthly treats!!


  1. Good interesting video, says a lot in a short time. I used to have ghost shrimp in my fish aquarium as pets!

    But shrimp make an excellent source of food for turtles or fish. They are a much higher quality meal than feeder fish as they provide more roughage from their shell. I think turtles enjoy the texture of crustaceans. Some turtles love to crunch on snails as well.

    I wonder if they get scaley bits left in their mouths like when we eat popcorn!

  2. Also, I remember reading in a few places before that turtles eat more shrimp in their diet in the wild than they do fish. Fish is a much, much smaller part of their natural diets.

  3. i have to ghost 1 male other one is a female i breed all tapes of shrimp true me to hard taking care of the cherry shrimp

  4. Hi from my understanding cherry and ghost shrimp have very little calcium as there shells are not made from this. And the can carry bacteria that can aid in shell rot.