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501 Zoo Med Turtle Filter review, appended
Added “turtle growth charts”
all about ghost shrimp
Alligator snapping turtle at the 2010 NYTTS
Alligator Snapping Turtle Care Sheet
Alligator Snapping Turtle on Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs show
Alligator snapping turtle pictures
Alligator snapping turtle: Chompers
August 30, 2009 RES turtle size
Benton, the red ear slider turtle
Betta eating from bloodworms package
black hair \ brush algae is back!!
Black hair/brush algae and problems with my 5 gallon tank
Buying Turtles and Reptiles Online
Can you find the turtles in the videos?
Central Park eastern box turtle
Central Park turtle pictures
Chinese Algae Eaters and my RESs
Chinese Box Turtles from the 2010 NYTTS Annual show
Chinese Golden Thread Turtle: Heytou
Christmas Turtles
Cinderella photos
Collection of red cherry shrimp photos
Cow & Chicken, my Betta and Dwarf African Frog
Current set-up
Cute turtle face pictures
December 23 size
December 9 size
DG and the Loggerhead sea turtles
Diamondback Terrapins from the 2010 NYTTS show
DIY Shrimp trap
DIY underwater pet turtle basking platform
Do pet turtles really need UVB lighting?
Do you feed your pet turtle/s live food?
Do you feed your pet turtles home-made food?
Do you use feeder fish for your pet turtles?
Dwarf African Frog enjoying bloodworms
Dwarf African frog reaching for food, Betta comes by and eats the food
Eastern painted turtle information
Eastern Painted Turtle swimming playfully in aquarium
Eastern Painted Turtles: Phy and Lane
Electric yellow cichlids
Endangered sea turtles being burned at the BP oil spill
Exo Terra Turtle Bank
extinct turtle rediscovered in Myanmar
Father’s Day Turtle Gifts
February 15 size
Feeding pet turtles freeze dried crickets by hand
fighting shrimp fireballs!!
first Chinese New Year
First time to use test strips
first time with fish
Flora, the pet box turtle
Florida Box Turtles
Four Eyed turtle at the New York Turtle & Tortoise Society Annual Show
Four eyed turtle hatchlings
Ghost shrimp and Rex loves fish
Goats save New York’s threatened bog turtles
Grant’s Farm tortoises
green sea turtle takes a breath
Guided tour of my pet turtle tank
How a turtle on its back flips over
How fast do pet turtles grow?
How I dealt with black hair \ brush algae
How long have you had your pet turtle?
How many pet turtles do you have?
How to have a healthy pet turtle
How to keep a turtle tank clean
How to make a pet turtle basking platform, part 1
How to make a pet turtle basking platform, part 2
Illegal pet trade: Philippine forest turtles
Inside a red ear slider turtle
introducing my 5.5 gallon planted tank
Intros all around
John’s Sulcata and cherry head tortoise
Kemp Ridley Sea Turtle documentary advises against pet turtles, we say be an educated pet owner
Last minute holiday gift ideas for turtle lovers
Leopard Gecko – a new pet reptile
leopard gecko eating mealworms
loggerhead sea turtle taking a breather
Matamata at the NYTTS annual show
Mississippi Map Turtle videos
Mississippi mud turtle care sheet
Morbert the Turtle
more live food and aquarium mates
my 150 gallon pet turtle tank – as first set-up
my pet red ear slider turtle’s bite mark
My pet turtle bit my other pet turtle
My pet turtle has a few more shells to shed
My pet turtle’s drugs from his eye injury
My pet turtle’s eye injury
My pet turtle’s eye injury, part 2
My pet turtle’s eye injury, part 3 – recovery photos
my pet turtles need new basking platforms
My pet turtles shed shells
my pet turtles’ basking platform
my thoughts on feeder fish for turtles
my turtle Cinderella eats a cichlid
My turtles fighting tug-of-war (with an Electric yellow cichlid)
My turtles’ shells after the first few months
Myrtle, The New England Aquarium’s Green Sea Turtle
New pet in the turtle house: a Pekingese dog
New pet leopard gecko – Polkasaurus
Ninja Turtles Flash Game: Mouser mayhem
Ninja Turtles Flash Game: Sewer Surf Showdown
Ninja Turtles Flash Game: Turtle Brawl
Ninja Turtles: Double Damage
no more gravel and a bit about the pet turtle tank setup
no more rosy
November 18 size
Oasis Turtle Ramp
October 28 size
October 7 size
One of the many Chinese Box Turtles at the NYYTS annual show
Other Pet Turtle Blogs
Peach the RES and Myrtle & Snappy, yellow bellied sliders
Pet turtle owners, a reminder to keep vigilant on cleanliness
Pet turtle pushing a weight
Pet Turtles And More is now on FaceBook!!
Pet turtles are the best pets, here’s proof!
Pet turtles love ReptoMin!!
pet turtles reaching over, wanting to fight, bite & flutter
pet turtles that skateboard
pictures of Monkey, my pet leopard gecko
Pictures of the snapping turtle hatchling at the Turtle Pond at Central Park in NYC
Pig nosed / Fly river Turtle Documentary
Playing with pet turtles
Razorback musk turtle care sheet
Rearranged my 5 gallon tank, again
Rearranged the turtle tank
Recovering Sea Turtle
Red Cherry Shrimp – now you see it, now you don’t
Red Ear Slider and Ouchita Map Turtles George & Jorge
Red Ear Slider penile prolapse – fanning
Red Ear Slider Turtle information video
Red ear slider turtles: Crush & Tiny
Red ear sliders (and all reptiles in general) and salmonella
Red Eared Slider at La Tobara,San blas, Mexico – under
Red Eared Sliders at the La Tobara, Nayarit, Mexico
Red footed tortoise care sheet
Red footed tortoise pics from the NYTTS annual show
Red footed tortoises
Red footed tortoises at the NYYTS Annual Show
Red-eared slider turtles in Turtle Pond, NYC
Redfooted tortoises from the 2010 NYTTS Annual show
Rena Filstar XP3 canister filter review
Reptile video – Dirty
Reptology Floating Turtle Pier
RES Documentary
RES turtle tries to bite
Rex and Cinderella
Rex eating the Chinese Algae Eater!!
Rex eats a feeder Goldfish and Cinderella reaches for a snail
Rex is a boy!!
Rex, my RES turtle, basking
RIP: Chicken, my pet betta fish
RIP: Cow, my dwarf African frog
Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle
September 14 size
September 23 size
September 30 size
Slider turtle eating a feeder goldfish
Snapping turtle hatchling at Central Park’s Turtle Pond in NYC
Spotted turtle walking at an aquarium bottom
Sulcata walking around NYTTS Turtle show
Sulcatta being feed by kids at the NYTTS annual show
Tagging of Pelagic Predators and leatherback sea turtles
That Fish Place, That Pet Place
The best filter tube cleaner I’ve ever used
The best pet turtle basking platform is custom made
The changing turtle plastron pattern
The South China Nature Society
The Turtle Topper above tank basking area
Three missing fishies
Top 6 Mother’s Day Turtle Gift Ideas
Top 8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Turtle Lovers
Turtle chasing fish
Turtle Cliff Aquatic Terrarium Filter and Rock
Turtle looking out the window
Turtle Pond Design
turtle set-up pictures from Flickr part 1
turtle set-up pictures from Flickr part 2
turtle set-up pictures from Flickr part 3
turtle set-up pictures from Flickr part 4
Turtle shell shedding
turtle summer vacations and activities
Turtle swimming at the water surface at La Tobara in San blas, Mexico
Twurtles: the tweeting turtles
Updated my 5.5 gallon planted tank
Valentine’s Day gift ideas for turtle lovers
Very red and berried Red Cherry Shrimp photos
Video of two berried Red Cherry Shrimps
Videos of sulcata eating
watching sea turtle hatchlings emerge on the florida coast
Western Pond Turtles in the Oregon Zoo
What a pet turtle sees
What kind of pet turtle do you have?
What other pets do you keep with your pet turtles?
What’s your favorite brand of pet turtle food?
Where did you get your pet turtle/s?
Where do your pet turtles live?
Where Have All The Turtles Gone?
Year of the Turtle
Zilla basking platforms
Zilla Floating Basking Platform
Zoo Med 501 Turtle Filter review
Zoo Med Floating pet Turtle Log
Zoo Med Turtle Dock review

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