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About the Author

forlogos-128.jpgI used to not like turtles. I wasn’t into pet turtles, fish, or pets before. I liked the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid, sure – but regular turtles were just another animal among all the other animals.

Then me and AG bought our RES turtles, Rex and Cinderella, as tourists in Philadelphia on September 1, 2007. One of the last things I said before buying them was, “whatever, buy them if you want to.” Or something along that line.

As soon as we bought them, just hatchlings at the time, I was smitten. They started what can be called a “turtle obsession”. I surfed the internet for turtles for months when I didn’t have my eyes glued on my pet red ear slider turtles.

The love for my pet turtles turned into a love for turtles (in general), aquariums, reptiles, and other such pets. Of course, I don’t have all those other animals, but I would really like to.

you can view my aquariums/tanks here.

Among many other things, I am also into web design and blog consulting.

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