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September 23 size

Since I did a total aquarium cleaning and threw out the pebbles (gravel) today, I also measured the turtles. Measuring the length of their carapace they are: 1 and 9/16 inches – Rex 1 and 7/16 inches – Cinderella They are growing!! Rex quickly outgrew Cinderella when we first got them. His shell is pyramiding, […]

September 14 size

I measured Rex and Cinderalla for the first time on September 14. Measuring the length of their carapace (shell) they are: 1.5 inches (1 and 8/16th) – Rex 1 and 5/16 inches – Cinderella When we first got them Cinderella was the bigger one. Since she hasn’t been eating as much as Rex, Rex just […]

Intros all around

I don’t know if there are any other turtle blogs out there, so I don’t know how appropriate my blog title is. Yet Another Turtle Blawg Pet Turtles And More will primarily be about turtles, particularly mine and AG’s. The posts will center around our experiences in taking care of them, maybe some interesting stuff […]