Red-eared slider turtles in Turtle Pond, NYC

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In the summer, almost a whole month before me and AG got our turtles, we found ourselves in Central Park. At that time I didn’t like/love turtles and had absolutely no interest in getting any. I didn’t actually start liking turtles until after we got them. AG wanted to get them, but now I do all I can to take care of them and I watch them for hours and hours. Anyway, back to the story…

We went to Turtle Pond and saw all these Red Eared Sliders…

Someone threw an apple in the water, which is why all the turts are crowding that one spot

There was this huge female with “RUDY” painted on her carapace.

I took some video too. Enjoy!!

Can’t wait to see all those turtles again in the summer!!

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