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Where do your pet turtles live?

Turtles come in many sizes (and grow!) and in many varieties. Thus, they can be housed in a variety of ways standard and creative ways as well. Most commonly, I believe, they are housed and live in an indoor aquarium. But is this assumption correct? Answer the question below and let’s find out!! Where do […]

Do you use feeder fish for your pet turtles?

The use of feeder fish for pet turtles (or other pets such as fish) is somewhat controversial. It is both encouraged and discouraged for several valid, not so valid, and even made-up reasons. Some of the reasons for using / not using feeder fish include their nutritional value, health risks, hunting stimulation and exercise factors, […]

Do you feed your pet turtle/s live food?

Pet turtles can be fed a variety of foods, from plant matter to animal matter, home made to commercial bought, processed to live food. Some pet turtle owners feed only processed food to avoid bacteria and disease from improperly housed feeder food – others keep a constant supply of feeders for additional turtle stimulation. How […]

What other pets do you keep with your pet turtles?

A variety of other animals “can” be kept with pet turtles, but most are not necessarily recommended as many will not last long with them nor are considered “safe”. But it is nice to keep other animals in a turtle tank as they can keep things interesting and offer some variety. So, do you keep […]