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Where do your pet turtles live?

Turtles come in many sizes (and grow!) and in many varieties. Thus, they can be housed in a variety of ways standard and creative ways as well. Most commonly, I believe, they are housed and live in an indoor aquarium. But is this assumption correct? Answer the question below and let’s find out!! Where do […]

my pet turtles’ basking platform

After looking for and researching several commercially-available turtle basking platforms, I found them to be unsatisfactory for my grown (not even fully grown yet) pet turtles. After looking through several custom made, DIY basking platforms here including my old ones, which you can see here in a tour of my turtle tank, I decided to […]

The best pet turtle basking platform is custom made

After looking through and reviewing several commercially available (you can buy them from a store or online) pet turtle basking platforms, including: Zoo Med Turtle Dock Zoo Med Floating Turtle Log Reptology Floating Turtle Pier Zilla Floating Basking Platform Exo Terra Turtle Bank Oasis Turtle Ramp Exo Terra Turtle Cliff Zilla Basking Platform Ramps …It […]