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Black hair/brush algae and problems with my 5 gallon tank

A few weeks ago, I noticed the following things happening with my 5 gallon planted tank: Black hair/brush algae started showing up in my aquarium and growing on plant leaves A lot of anacharis, which had been enjoying good growth, died My red cherry shrimp started disappearing I haven’t seen many pictures online of the […]

The Turtle Topper above tank basking area

I discovered this pet turtle product while surfing around in Youtube. My thoughts on the Turtle Topper It’s a commercial (not DIY) above tank basking platform made specifically for pet turtles. Cool. Overall, it looks like a great product, with a few shortcomings. The most obvious shortcoming is that it is made for only up […]

First time to use test strips

I used some test strips today. Ammonia and nitrite were at zero, which was expected since I use biological filters and my tank cycled a long time ago. Nitrates were around 30 ppm. The strips are the kind where they change color and the color was between the 20ppm and the 40ppm colors. That was […]